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Waiting for Our Prison Break

Jul 8, 2017 Danielle Steele Williams 0 Prison Life ,

No, we’re not waiting on a real life prison break, but we are waiting on a permanent break from prison!  It’s long overdue… I wouldn’t have thought that the day my then-fiancé left home for the morning and hollered to me, “Baby, I’m gone,” that he would be gone for […]

prison visitation

Prison Visitation: #EveryMinuteMatters

Jan 7, 2017 Danielle Steele Williams 0 Prison Life ,

In the article, Our First Prison Visit, I mentioned the process visitors must go through when visiting a loved one during prison visitation. Yes, I do understand that it’s necessary for the prison system to screen visitors and have certain policies and procedures in place to keep prisoners and visitors […]


My Princess … A Daddy’s Love from Behind the Wall

Sep 28, 2016 The Mr. 10 Behind the Wall, Prison Life

Let me tell you it’s such a surreal feeling every time I see My Little Princess, hell after serving 11 1/2 years of a 22 1/2 year sentence in federal prison you would understand exactly what I mean. Understand that when I was arrested she was 2 month’s shy of […]


Our First Prison Visit

Sep 21, 2016 Danielle Steele Williams 1 Prison Life ,

The first true prison visit was quite an experience.  We were so glad that my fiance had been designated after a year or two wait in the county jail.  We will get the chance to actually touch him, hug and kiss him.  He will finally get to hold our son for […]


Hello From the Other Side: A Son’s Intro to His Father

Sep 17, 2016 Danielle Steele Williams 2 Prison Life , ,

So the day has finally come for my son to be introduced to his father!  After several telephone calls explaining his features and “first moments”,  you know the first babble, the first table food experience, the first steps, the first day at daycare, first potty training attempts he finally gets […]

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