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The Teaching Prison Wife: Both Sides of the Game…The School to Prison Pipeline

Feb 7, 2017 Danielle Steele Williams 3 School To Prison Pipeline

If you think the school to prison pipeline doesn’t exist think again.  The pipeline often starts in low income schools and and ends at the country’s prison system. When I first entered the classroom as a teacher, the Mister was in prison.  I had no idea what I was walking […]


Graduation Rate Increasing, Knowledge Decreasing!

Jul 15, 2016 Danielle Steele Williams 1 School To Prison Pipeline , , , ,

My gag order is lifted I no longer have to live in the conspiracy theory that I blindly entered into seven years ago after making the difficult decision to resign. When I entered the education system as an educator, I didn’t know I had to conceal the truth. Did anyone tell me that […]

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